Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 Is Turning Out to Be Busy

THE POST, south of Marathon,TX

It has been quite some time since I last posted and wanted to bring my followers and collectors up to date on what I have been up to.

First, I want to get the retina detachment out of the way. The detachment regimen being followed by my doctor here in Santa Fe is not working. He is giving me a shot in the eye every month of Avastin and the quality of sight out of the eye is not improving and may be getting worse. However, I cannot let that keep me from working and so I will continue on. I will hope that something can be done in the future.

Second, my travel and work schedule is really developing for the first part of the year. I was just down in west Texas staying a few days in Fort Davis and then a few days in Marathon. In Fort Davis I was able to complete an 18 x 24 inch oil painting I had started there last year. It is a site at the base of Sleeping Lion Mountain featuring rock formations and cacti which are strewn about among the grasses.

Moving over to Marathon for three days, I stayed in a "bunkhouse" which was more than adequate for my needs. I wanted to go over to Marathon to seek different landscapes such as the rolling grasslands, the caballos novaculite formations, and The Post, which is the city park of Marathon. It is actually an oasis south of town which features a spring which once watered the Comanche and Apache whose hunting and raiding trails traversed the area. In the 19th century a small army post was set up here to moniter the comings and goings of the Native Americans. It was closed after the railroads were established in the late 19th century. Today it is a lush, reed filled lake with cottonwoods edging it. The town of Marathon has plaqued it with historic markers and formalized it with picnic tables and rest rooms.
I also was introduced to Ike Roberts, a well respected rancher in the area and he agreed to locate some different sites for me on private ranches when I return in March to paint. I am looking forward to seeing what Ike comes up with.

One day I drove US Highway 385 south of Marathon toward Big Bend National Park, but veered off onto Texas FM Road 2627 for the drive down to Hallie Stillwell's Ranch, Store, and Hall of Fame and on to La Linda, the closed border crossing into Mexico.

This is enough for now. I can't seem to locate the downloaded photos in the position of the blog where I want them. I will return soon.

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